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Feeling overwhelmed juggling seller needs and marketing tactics? Y-LAS steps in as your trusted partner, holding your hand every step of the way. It takes the reins on crafting a 5-star seller experience, leaving you free to shine as the local listing expert and ace the process of, List, Close, Repeat.

Unleash The Listing Dominator: Y-LAS

From Listing to Closing, Y-LAS™️ Has Your Back!

Sell Homes Faster & Easier 

This powerhouse program injects life into your listings and creates happy sellers through effective communication and marketing. Every day, sellers receive an engaging email detailing the marketing blitz launched for their home, keeping them informed and engaged. No more radio silence, just results with a smile! Plus, Y-LAS™️ equips sellers for crucial price adjustments, the game-changer for unlocking sales. 

Stop waiting, ignite your listings, and delight your sellers with Y-LAS™️ today! 

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Captivate Sellers with AI-Powered Listing Presentations: Stand Out & Secure Listings Faster

The real estate game is competitive, and an impressive listing presentation can be your ace in the hole. But who has time to craft dazzling slides amidst busy schedules? This is where AI shines, and here's how to leverage its power when creating your Listing Presentation. 

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Y-LAS Does The Heavy Lifting!

We are your partner in helping close homes.



Constant Communication 

Done for you! Your seller receives consistent email communication on your behalf about the steps taken to advertise their listing. You are cc'd on everything! 



Listings Are Leverage

Done for you! Through neighborhood farming, and Facebook advertising, leads are generated from your listings.



Social Media Advertising

Done for you! Your listing is broadcasted through your social media channels. We will post up to 5 channels.



5-Star Review Of You

Done for you! A 5-star review is collected to build your reputation in the community as a Listing Expert. We'll collect it for you whether it be for Google, Facebook, or other.  

Brad Emond

Keller Williams Agent

Y-LAS has been a valuable tool to help compliment my listing services for clients. The communication it provides to my clients allows me to have built-in reminder prompts so that vital timely conversations do not get pushed aside. I recommend the Y-LAS program to any agent looking to grow their listing portfolio. It is a tool in the listing tool-belt that you should no longer do without.

Mary Richards

Keller Williams Agent

Y-LAS has helped put my listing marketing on the fast track. The daily updates from the Y-LAS program has helped show my sellers that I am always working diligently to get their property sold.

Sellers Love Y-LAS Realtors!

Which means 5-star reviews and more referrals for you.


Done for you! Your seller has a great experience being well taken care of with consistent email communication.


Done for you! Your seller receives marketing statistics, showing reports, and listing activity reports. 


Done for you! Your seller has marketing material they can share with neighbors, friends, and family.


Done for you! Your seller experiences a commitment from you to market their listing. 

A Powerhouse Team Supporting You

We become your own personal listing marketing team and help you sell the property faster while shining as a local Listing Expert. 


This Is How... 

  • WIN EVERY LISTING | Y-LAS™️ empowers you to make promises to your seller that you can keep. 
  • TOP-NOTCH MARKETING | A proven system that markets your listing from the moment you win the listing to "Congratulations! It's Sold!". 
  • 5-STAR COMMUNICATION WITH YOU & YOUR SELLER | You and your seller receive constant contact through email updates on your behalf of any advertising we do for the listing.
  • SUCCESSFUL LEAD GENERATION | Through What's My Home Worth lead generation is done in the neighborhood of your listing to drive new sellers to you.
  • USEFUL STATUS REPORTS | Your seller receives status reports on their listing including listing activity, Facebook advertising results, and much more.
  • KEY PROMPTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM | You are provided with strategic key alerts when it is time to have the 'price reduction chat' with your seller.
  • ALL PROGRAMS AVAILABLE | We've got you covered in marketing every step of the listing process: Open House, Broker's Open, Price Improvement, Under Contract, Back On Market, Sold, & Review Process. 
  • LISTING COACHING | Need someone in your corner? Let us support you by learning how to maximize Y-LAS™️ and overcome objections. This training is included for free in the Y-LAS program.

Y-LAS is Perfect for...

  • Established Agents: Get the support you need to scale up and land even more listings.
  • New Agents: Build your skills and confidence with a system that guides you every step of the way.
Let's Get Started!


1. One-Time Onboarding 

2. Y-LAS Phase 1 (1-7 Days)

3. Y-LAS Phase II (8-21 Days)

4. Y-LAS Phase III (22-35 Days)

Start now and inject some "BRING IT ON" energy into your listing!


A sample of the first part of the first email sent to your sellers...

Your sellers then receive an email every day thereafter for the duration of the program outlining a marketing task that Y-LAS™️ has completed for their listing. These emails are signed with your (the listing agent's) signature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell Homes Faster, Live Life Better!

Meet the Creator of Y-LAS


Meet Nancy-Paige (NP) Robinson, creator of Y-LAS. Her passion lies in crafting unforgettable seller experiences, fueling your glowing reviews and skyrocketing referrals.
  • Nancy-Paige and her team played an integral part in growing sales volume for a real estate company from $17.2M in 2016 to $96.8M in 2019 (a 562% increase!). This moved the brokerage from a brand new company on the map to twenty-fifth out of hundreds of agencies.
  • She skyrocketed their Google My Business profile to 100 reviews in just six months. Igniting a review revolution among agents, she empowered them to amass 90+ Zillow reviews each, generating a magnetic pull of leads for them.
  • With over 20 years of real estate and marketing experience, Nancy-Paige knows both the new construction side and the resale side (buying and listing).
  • A digital and social native, she is knowledgeable in managing social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. 
  • She has coached over 50 real estate agents on how to successfully run Facebook & Instagram for Business as well as Listing & Open Houses, and On-Camera Video Training.
  • She was the Chief Storyteller for Wilmington, Asheville and New Bern, North Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Keller Williams Market Centers for two years.
  • She saw a need in the industry and created this dynamic program to accelerate listing sales as quickly as possible, all while pampering you with a seamless, stress-free experience.
Welcome to the future of selling homes, powered by warmth, expertise, and results. 
Ready to unlock your listing's true potential? 
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