Helping You Sell Your Property 

In Record Time

The All-In-One Listing Solution Built For Sellers

Y-LAS gives you a memorable listing experience.  

If your Listing Agent is not using Y-LAS, they should be! 

How Can Y-LAS© Benefit You?


Have a great experience being well taken care of with consistent communication.


You receive daily marketing reports of what we have done to market your listing. 


You receive marketing material they can share with neighbors, friends, and family.


You experience a commitment to market your listing, that we honor.

Attract Buyers To Your Listing  

The Y-LAS© System promises you daily marketing & communication.

Top 3 Reasons You Can Get Frustrated With Your Listing Agent

These are the top 3 reasons we hear from sellers why they go with another agent. Have you experienced any or all of these when selling a property?

Ineffective Communication

According to the NAR, the #1 reason a client fires their agent is that they don't think the agent is doing anything for them. Y-LAS takes this worry away by providing 5-star communication with you at every step of the selling process. 


Ineffective Marketing

You've hired a new Listing Agent and then you barely ever hear from them! What are they doing to sell your listing?! With Y-LAS, you are empowered knowing your listing is being marketed and the proof is in the daily emails you receive. 

Lack of Strong Relationship 

There's nothing worse than not hearing from your Listing Agent! The Y-LAS system makes a difference! Through Y-LAS, your relationship with your listing agents is strengthened.

Y-LAS leverages your listing through consistent exposure.

What is Y-LAS©?

Your Listing Advantage System. We are your Listing Agent's personal listing marketing team and help you get your home sold quickly. 

  • TOP-NOTCH MARKETING | A proven system that markets your listing from the moment you put it on the local MLS. 
  • 5-STAR COMMUNICATION | You receive constant contact through email updates on any advertising we do for your listing.
  • USEFUL STATUS REPORTS | You receive status reports on your listing including listing activity, Facebook advertising results, and much more.
  • DRIVE BUYERS TO YOUR LISTING | Through What's My Home Worth lead generation is done in the neighborhood of your listing to drive buyers to your listing.

A sample of the first part of the first email sent to you...

You then receive an email every day thereafter for the duration of the program outlining a marketing task that Y-LAS has completed for your listing.